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April 02, 2018 [source]

Recently, my college just got his new Macbook Pro and asking me which tools I’m using on a daily basis. So I think it would be a good idea to list all tools that I’m using right now.

I’m also using a Macbook Pro 💻, so many of these tools will be for MacOS, but most of the CLI tools should be working on any platform.

⌨️ Editor

  • Vim - My main editor for coding 😎 (Using MacVim binary) Check out my vimrc setup here
  • Textmate - A good alternative when I want to use a mouse (rarely though)
  • MacDown - Open source Markdown editor for MacOS. Nice way to get a preview for you Markdown files.

👨🏻‍💻 Command Line Tools & Shell

  • Homebrew - The missing package manager for macOS 🍺
  • ohmyzsh - Lovin’ all that auto complete ❤️ Make your terminal a happy one.
  • Yarn - Package manager for node.js Much better than NPM in my opinion.
  • Prettier - An opinionated code formatter for Javascript and many other language.
  • Surge - Deploy static web by running only one command. Very good for testing stuff.
  • create-react-app - Create React apps with no build configuration.
  • gitmoji-cli - CLI tool for using emojis on git commits. 🎉
  • json-server - Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously)
  • serve - Say goodbye to Python’s SimpleHTTPServer. 👋

🖥 Tools for MacOS

  • Amphetamine - Gotta keep your Mac awake!
  • Alfred - A spotlight replacement. Lighting fast ⚡️ and configurable.
  • Spectacle - A tool for window control. Ever want that window of your to fit the left side of the screen or move it to another display? This one is for those.
  • iTerm2 - A terminal replacement with many cool features.
  • Mosaic - Similar to Spectacle, but I’m only use this as an alternative when I’m dragging the window around and not using the Spectacle’s shortcut.
  • iStatMenu - Monitor your Mac right from the menu bar.
  • Bartender - Organize your menu bar. Especially useful if you also use iStatMenu. 🥂

I will try to keep this list updated as possible. Check out the source code for this post for each version of this list.

Last update: April 02, 2018

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